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United Interactions

Group of Leading Companies in the Use and Implementation of Technology Solutions

Running your business without a strategy is like driving a car without a planned destination. However, our market research indicates that 82% of SMEs do not have a strategy. In our experience, the most successful businesses have a clear vision and joined-up strategic thinking, which all owners/managers have bought in to.


United Interactions (UI) have years of experience working with clients on all aspects of financial structures, ensuring they meet their financial goals. Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation.


A solid presence in American and Europe a through our own Group CompaniesWe also have a global presence with more than 100 partners and distributors around the world.


Asset Management

Bespoke Asset Management structured products for corporate and private clients. 


Flexible Solutions focusing on a European International perspective. Tier 1 banks are constantly closing channels in many sectors; we can provide robust alternative corporate account structures.


Hard and Soft commodity providers with a multi-national database of clients. Whether buying or selling we can engage a trusted counter-party.

Asset Funding

Longstanding relationships with functional, robust, and discreet funding providers for high value assets of any description.

Project Funding

Bridging and long term project liquidity; UK and Europe.

Foreign Exchange

Strategic partnerships for corporate and private clients requiring structured Capital Market options, and OTC planning for difficult proposals where liquidity is an issue.


UI offers solutions to both private and government entities to protect theirkey resource: information.