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Data Center,Cloud, Collaboration, Security

  • Alestra

    Alestra is a 100% Mexican company, part of Alfa and leader in information technology and communications in the country.

    Since it began its operations in 1997, it has renewed its focus and processes. In 2007, this innovation led it to cause a paradigm shift in the industry and integrate and boost IT in Mexico, being the first company, according to analysts, in successfully transitioning from telecommunications to new managed services of Information Technology. Today Alestra is recognized as the creator of the first business cloud offering in Mexico, and owner of a wide portfolio of innovative solutions in Data Center, Cloud, Collaboration, Security, and Mobility among others, for companies of all sizes and industries.

    Alestra has positioned itself as the only company in the country that brings together experience, infrastructure and personnel to energize the IT industry, and contribute to the birth of a new generation of more innovative, efficient and competitive companies. This, backed by strong partnerships with leading global technology partners and a philosophy of service based on excellence. To date, Alestra boasts 5 Data Centers unique in their kind, that lie at the heart of our fiber optic network, most notably the Alestra Queretaro Data Center, the first to use a system of co-generation of energy in Latin America, in which the heat generated is then used for cooling, certified Level 5 and Green Seal by ICREA (International Computer Room Experts Association). This data center has become the most innovative and sustainable of the region.

    Its strategy is further strengthened with 3 Sperto Experience Centers to promote the experience and qualification of technology and with the investment and constant innovation for growth both internally and externally, through the investment in new companies. Under this premise the following have integrated into the Alestra family: in 2013 GTEL, one of the main suppliers of comprehensive voice, data and video solutions for northwestern and southeastern Mexico; and in 2014 S&C Constructores de Sistemas, Mexican company with 33 successful years in the information technology market. All this with the aim of bringing a strong technological offering and enable and boost the Generation a, the new generation of leading businesses in Mexico. In this same dynamic, Alestra developed the Innovation HUB, a unique space where business innovation and technological innovation converge. The HUB is incorporated as one more link of the innovation process of the company, recognized in 2012 by the Federal Government with the National Prize for Technology and Innovation.