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  • Dynamic Trading Exchange Technologies Corporation

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    DTXT is a company that seeks to, first and foremost, meet the cultural, business, quality of service expectations of its customers.

    DTXT is built around the ideas of integrated solutions, creative thought, and high ethical standards. We seek to provide responsive, interactive service and solutions that are industry pragmatic. Here at DTXT, we pledge to treat each client on a truly individual basis, ensuring that their expectations are not only met, but also surpassed.

    EyeNet Platform
    Eyenet is a DPI solution for monitoring, reconstructing, and visualizing network traffic for intelligence and counter-intelligence purposes. It allows users to clearly picture and gather a greater understanding of network events in order to more efficiently investigate aforementioned events. It specifically addresses the following issues: Detection of Compromised Employees, Data Protection, Employee Data Leakage, Visualization of Network Content and Communication Activities, Application Transaction Security, Corporate Telephone Security, Office Mobility Security, Inappropriate Communications, Detection of Advanced Attacks, and IT Security Compliance.¨

    NETS is a cutting edge wireless technology that meets perpetually fluctuating requirements and expectations for network infrastructure across the globe. NETS provides usage of wireless technology in an unprecedented way, completing the last mile or back hauling any application using now commercially available military technology.

    NETS has a data rate of 1 Gigabit per second thanks to fiber interfaces that can adapt to any network. Its ability to encrypt data and usage of millimeter wave technology makes hacking it an impossibility. Installation of NETS can quickly provide clients with a fast response to transmission issues. DTXT innovation continues to stay ahead of the curve, enabling United Interactions to deliver first-class solutions to our clients.

    LEA and NSA Solutions
    DTXT Corp has several intelligence and counterintelligence solutions, as well as tactical equipment, that solve a wide scope of necessities of the Law Enforcement Community.

    Secure Mobile Device Solution
    SMDS provides centralized control and tight security across a plethora of mobile operating systems, providing a secure, flexible, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution. Primarily, it focuses on mobile cost visibility and data containment. SMDS ensures that in a highly mobile environment, you don't run the risk of losing control of your data.