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  • Oneontech

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    The patented Data Center construction model of OneOn , provides its customers with high efficiency, design and technology, to accommodate the maximum computing capacity, from the traditional 5 KVA to 40 KVA per rack, and a high efficiency cooling, low power consumption, air conditioned spaces, among others.

    OneOn is committed to excellence in the data center design/build process. Unlike the traditional design-specify-bid-build process, which costs more, takes more time to execute and requires more resources to manage, OneOn’s Design/Build Data Center Construction Strategy condenses the exercise into a clear and concise process. By integrating both design and construction services, a tighter schedule can be met, costs can be bettercontrolled and unforeseen problems can be avoided.

    Our proven methodology is designed to minimize the disruption of your business during deployment. Some of the many services we offer are: Data Center Consulting, Design & Engineering, Data Center Project Management, Data Center Construction, Data Center Infrastructure, Data Center Monitoring & Control, Data Center Operation and Maintenance.

    The approach to every engagement starts with defining and understanding the project requirements for the data center and identifying the business objectives. This is followed by an assessment and audit of the available assets and inevitable detriments. Then is established the design criteria and apreliminary design created to summarize the associated project build costs.

    From this point, the initial design is developed based on the project scope, determined system requirements, and available data center build budget, both time-wise and dollar-wise. A preliminary project timeline is established to minimize construction time and ensure alignment with the project budget.

    OneOn maintains relationships with the industries ‘best-of-breed’ critical infrastructure suppliers, local architect/engineers and construction partners. This ensures customers to receive the best possible equipment cost, with the most favorable delivery terms and have it installed by the most skilled craftsman.

    OneOn protects the data center budget commitments by offering fixed-bid pricing wherever possible. For projects where the design/build scope cannot be fully defined at proposal time, OneOn also offer hourly rates. OneOn understands that the only acceptable level of downtime is zero. Thecustomer’s job performance and OneOn’s reputation depend on it.