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    Hova is a technology company with extensive experience in the fields of telecommunications, healthcare, Telematics, and IT. Our mission is to develop, integrate and operate the best solutions and infrastructure in order to successfully contribute to the optimization and operation of enterprises, and to improve how people interface with technology.

    It is a platform that allows dynamic building and management of your NoSQL databases, designed to meet the needs of each user. It also allows the creation of data to carry an electronic signature, which authenticates actions that are performed with it.

    We build fiber optic rings in cities, using CFE electric wiring posts and interconnecting to the CFE Telecom Hotels, which give us great capabilities and Internet access. In this model, we sell, rent, or lease the fiber optic thread.

    Once the DaFO ring is installed, that allows us to generate capillary action to deliver last mile. This business model is ideal for technology and industrial parks, Golf Clubs, Universities and closed residential. This model has been very successful throughout Asia.

    VAS (Voice Application Solution) is a solution that allows you to create and optimize your infrastructure for your corporate switching. By building, managing and linking extensions of your users, you’ll give rise to a communications network.

    With SIPIT, you can call someone without the worry of disconnecting or racking up excess credit. Make local, national, or international phone calls at a fair price. We assure you, no one can beat our prices.

    Accopla is a technology platform designed for companies that allows greater flexibility, and can be easily integrated into the existing technologies of your business to operate, manage and administer the customer’s Contact Center.

    Hova provides solutions and services using advanced Information Technology that will ensure the operative continuity of your business.

    Hova Health
    Hova Networks is a technology company focused on developing, integrating and operating outsourcing solutions for the Telecommunications, Health and Information Technology industries.

    Jul 2014