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    MetaTrust is a company specialized in the creation of services and technology solutions, with a prominent architectural approach that blends elements of digital security and authenticity. MetaTrust has a professional experience of over 20 years in Digital Authenticity, Security and Information Technology companies in the public and private sector.

    Enables electronic services that let you go beyond access control, including identity management and expression of will on a Trusted Extended Infrastructure:

    IDXtend - authority services, faculties and empowerment of the identity.

    IDCheck - validation services of trust mechanisms over encrypted documents and items.

    DocStamper - automatic issuance of Reliable Electronic Documents as official documents and/or acknowledgments.

    Cloud Gateway - reliable usage of public cloud services for storage and backup.

    Is a family of technologies designed to have all the necessary elements to process information under the concept of Reliable Electronic Document (RED).

    DocSubmit - is a technology for generating WebForms model forms to send the information as a document.

    DocFlow - full flow manager that perform the tasks necessary to create a RED and the transmission and processing of information to any format or system.

    DocRegister - property registration, use, reserve, lateralization, records and other documentary states for cloud solutions and federated systems.

    DocVault - physical securing of documents with highly secure capabilities of storage, recovery and disposal.

    DocReader - document viewer on multiple formats and printed expression.

    Is a cloud service oriented

    jul 2014