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Telephone/Mobile Phones

  • Netrium

    Netrium is a company dedicated to providing quality telecommunication services, with a focus on the areas of Customer Technical Service and External Network Services (Infrastructure). Netrium utilizes technologies ranging from copper to fiber optic fixed networks in order to best serve our clients.

    Netrium Telecom provides a wide range of services that include: Optical links, Telephony, Networks, IPTV, Telecommunications, Fiber Optic, ADSL, STB-DTH, Copper, Telephony, Fixed, Mobile, Infrastructure, Solutions, VPN and Voice.

    Infrastructure and External Networks
    Netrium is able to develop and deliver Engineering Projects, the Implementation and Infrastructure Construction of Aerial and Underground Telecommunication Networks utilizing Copper or Fiber Optic solutions.

    All of our work sites consist of highly trained and qualified professionals with specializations in areas such as: Developing Engineering Works, Drawings, Civil Works, Lines, Fittings, DTH, and others.

    Netrium offers Telephone, Internet, and Satellite TV installations. From the Central Office (MDF), through indoor and outdoor installation, to customer interactions, every one of our installers will ensure installation is a seamless process and that each of these services work properly.

    Netrium will actively respond to customer service requests from clients experiencing either zero performance from their requested services or simply poor performance. While our technicians enjoy the company of all our clients, they are also working hard to avoid unnecessary return visits.

    Netrium's internal plant service is directed at the transporting, switching, and accessing of data and network installation equipment. Netrium also offers engineering support, supervision and commissioning services, and fixed or mobile network dependencies.

    Our team has more than three years of experience, and is highly trained, qualified and equipped to meet the tasks carried out in this area.