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" Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. "

- Winston Churchill

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Welcome Note

Dear Friends,

Since we started in 1999, we have grown significantly and have advanced a long way. With this new edition of our firm’s brochure, we would like to share with you our recent developments, significant achievements and accomplished projects.

To meet client expectations and market realities, we have been strengthening our capabilities in key existing sectors and developing our services for new growth markets. The firm saw considerable growth across all the main practice areas during 2012, especially in Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Telecommunications, Digital Authentication Solutions, and Telecom and Customer Care Services. Our networking solutions, secure unified communications, vulnerability analysis, and data centers design, construction and administration have also grown substantially.

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UI is a service-oriented firm that delivers turnkey solutions to our clients. The bottom line is that in this world of Technologies, there is too much uncertainty.

UI’s unique approach of “dynamic process solving methodology” has proven to be the key for today’s technologies requirements. We help our partners determine and define their technological needs and then help implement the solutions that best fit their profile.

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UI offers a variety of integrated solutions for different business needs. Our experts, follows a dynamic problem solving process to develop a holistic solution to each specific situation. We integrate our solutions by providing all aspects involved from hardware and software, to professional services and by implementing the support and training required.

Why Choose Us

UI offers solutions to both private and government entities to protect their key resource: information. The firm’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Intelligence and Counterintelligence Solutions.
  • Telecom Services, Customer Care and Network Infrastructure Solutions.
  • Networking Equipment Solutions.
  • Secure and Reliable Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions.
  • Digital Authenticity Solutions.



United Interactions was founded in 2010 integrating a group of companies of IT and services, with a simple goal in mind “Intelligent IT Investment”.

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