Naturecovery is a company dedicated to solving environmental and sustainability issues, providing intelligent solutions for the recovery of natural resources through the research, development, and implementation of new technologies and integrated environmental projects that are low-cost and give short-term results that are available to all.


To be a part of sustainable development, health and well-being thus contributing to the regeneration, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources through the development and implementation of projects and environmental solutions.


To incorporate Naturecovery as a consolidated company and leader in the regeneration, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in the world.

Naturecovery (NR) solutions include sustainable technologies projects and reconcile the economic, social and environmental, to give a personalized response to customer’s needs, through a direct and effective work. We offer our solutions to public, private and society in general, seeking to improve their competitiveness.


Delivering conceptual, basic and detail engineering, materials supply, up to final testing of installation, construction or erection, staff training, technical assistance and project delivery, whereby multiple benefits are achieved, among which are resource savings.


We offer to government agencies build-operation-transfer in infrastructure solutions.


Government entities such as municipalities, counties and states may find in Naturecovery an ally to count on a water services operator organization to ensure that their population is not devoid of such services.


We offer the implementation of drinking water, sewerage or drainage services, and waste water treatment as a comprehensive system or project providing means of sanitation in any town.

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Naturecovery (NR) offers maintenance, rehabilitation, operation, control and instrumentation facilities, equipment and technologies in the area of water, as well as in complete systems that are already operating and need to make improvements to optimize its performance.

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NR also has construction services, installation, commissioning, design and engineering of solutions and systems we have. NR has the ability to perform the management, administration, and even the financing or investment of all projects that contribute to sustainability.

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