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Naturecovery is a company dedicated to solving environmental and sustainability issues, providing intelligent solutions for the recovery of natural resources through the research, development, and implementation of new technologies and integrated environmental projects that are low-cost and give short-term results that are available to all.

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– CEO Jorge M.


Business Overview

Hovup is a platform that has been carefully constructed over many years thanks to the interactions that we have accomplished with many well-known brands that don´t have an integrated digital strategy that accounts for mobile technologies, such as proximity, e-commerce, big data, loyalty and many more to get to know your costumers even better.

Throw away your loyalty cards

Everybody are full of plastic cards that brands or loyalty programs told giving us benefits. Hovup invite you to throw away and use “digital cards” to keep them stored in your mobile device.

Don’t be another unused mobile app

You may have already your brand app and all the market analysis indicates that consumers don’t want more apps, so don’t be another unused mobile app and give a true benefit to your consumer and instead of downloading a mobile app just activate a digital card.

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