Hovup is a platform that has been carefully constructed over many years thanks to the interactions that we have accomplished with many well-known brands that don´t have an integrated digital strategy that accounts for mobile technologies, such as proximity, e-commerce, big data, loyalty and many more to get to know your costumers even better.

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Business Overview

RedShift Networks is a leader in securing Cloud based VoIP networks and provides the industry’s first complete security solutions developed for Unified Communications (UC), VOIP and Video. Since 2006, RedShift Networks has been solving the most difficult UC, VOIP and Video security challenges for service providers and enterprises with the company’s Unified Communications Threat Management (UCTM) product portfolio. Deploying the Redshift Networks’ user, application and network layer technology in the cloud ensures secure, reliable and hardened network and service. The UCTM security platform provides a host of proactive, high-performance, and cost-effective security benefits designed to meet todays and tomorrow’s UC, VOIP and Video security, operational, and compliance issues. RedShift Networks partners and worldwide customers are comprised of Communications Service Providers and enterprises including Mobile Operators, MSOs and Hosted (VOIP and Video) Service Providers.
UCTM Solution As a critical element of your overall security strategy, Redshift Networks Unified Communication Threat Management (UCTM) products easily integrate into your UC, VOIP and Video network providing advanced user applications and network layer analytics (signaling and media) stateful inspection firewalling, VOIP application layer state transition monitoring, and real time security policy enforcement, all requirements to secure UC, VOIP and Video services in today’s evolving threat environment.

Falcon UCTM – Cost-effective UC, VOIP and Video security for SMB. Protects softswitch, IP-PBX and endpoints when placed at the enterprise network edge or deployed as a managed service.Hawk UCTM – Enables the fully secure delivery of hosted UC services, hosted PBX, and SIP Trunking by Cloud based providers. The Hawk UCTM delivers core network protection with support for up to multi thousand UC, VOIP and Video users per Ethernet segment and one thousand active VoIP sessions. The Hawk UCTM provides scalable service management and control in a high-availability design.
Eagle UCTM – Complete carrier-class protection for VoIP carriers with potentially hundreds of thousands of UC, VOIP and Video subscribers, and low tens of thousands of active sessions. The Eagle UCTM provides scalable service management and control in a high-availability design.

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